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✦ HKDP16 預售門票
Pre-sale Tickets


◆ 今年 DollismPlus15 全面採用 QRcode電子門票入場 


1. 購買了預售門票的入場人士可於當日早上11:20進入會場,為了確保流程順暢,請提早準備好你的電子門票,您可選擇在手機上展示電子門票或自行列印門票。


a. 如您使用智慧型手機/平板電腦,直接開啟申請確認書,將信中的電子票券 QRCode 圖碼出示給工作人員掃描即可。 (留意請使用屏幕尺寸大於7厘米的手機,以確保QR Code可以完整顯示。)


b. 如果您沒有智慧型手機,請將通知信中QRCode (四方形圖碼) 列印下來,憑列印下來的 QRCode入場。


2.電子門票上的QR Code一經掃描後,持票人既可入場。
(每個QR Code只供認證一次,掃描後隨即作廢,電子門票將不可重複使用。)



**  如有任何查詢,可以電郵致大會 (** 

◇ DollismPlus15 fully adopts QR code e-ticket admission this year 

Steps for pre-sale tickets visitor admission:
1. If you buy pre-sale tickets, you can enter at the venue at 11:20am on the event day. In order to ensure a smooth process, please prepare your e-ticket in advance. You can choose to display the e-ticket on your mobile phone/device or by a paper print-out of the QR code.

a. If you use a smartphone/tablet, directly open the application confirmation letter, and show the QR code of the e-ticket to the staff for  scanning.

(Note that please use a mobile phone with a screen size greater than 7 cm to ensure that the QR Code can be displayed completely.)
b. If you do not have a smartphone, please print the QR code (square code) in the application confirmation letter and that enter the venue with the printed QRCode.

2. Once the QR Code on the e-ticket has been scanned, the ticket holder will be given an event wristband and each booth will have an event booklet.
(Each QR Code can only be used for authentication once, and will be invalidated immediately after scanning. Electronic tickets will not be reusable.)

Re- Entrance
When you leave the venue, the staff will stamp on your hand. Visitors can leave and re-enter the exhibition venue for unlimited times by showing their event stamp.

**If you have any enquiries, you can email to the conference (**

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