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What is DollismPlus?

Dollism Plus (香港娃展 簡稱 HKDP) 是自2006年起由DollHearts主辦的一年一度娃界 (玩偶) 展銷會,DollHearts是自 2003 年成立的本地著名專門生產娃娃服飾及配件的高級品牌。DollHearts 憑藉其專業知識和對娃的熱情為娃迷創造出一個優秀的娃展體驗 — Dollism Plus。

Dollism Plus是本港最大型的娃品專屬展銷會,來自本地、國內及海外的娃品生產商及自家創作者將與娃迷們齊聚一堂,共同頌揚娃娃的獨特美和藝術性。娃迷們既可選購精美娃品,又可與其他愛好者交流玩偶心得。

今屆活動繼續有多家來自世界各地的知名娃娃品牌參展, 包括: Obitsu、Azone、Lati、龍魂人形社、Nine9style、Cocoriang、ADVillage、木茶動物園、GEM貴族娃娃等等,介時將會發售很多網上難以購得的產品。除了知名品牌外,還有眾多自家創作單位同時展出及售賣不同類形的精緻手作娃品。今年活動將於香港東涌世茂喜來登酒店二樓大宴會廳舉行,交通便捷,大會將提供免費穿梭巴士從東涌地鐵站外接載入場人士到達會場。娃迷設勿錯過這個娃界年度盛事,約定您 7 月 14 日見!

Dollism Plus (aka HKDP), an annual event held in Hong Kong since 2006, is organized by DollHearts, a renowned local brand specializing in premium doll clothing and accessories. With a solid reputation as a prominent doll clothing and accessories maker since its establishment in 2003, DollHearts brings its expertise and passion to create a captivating experience for doll enthusiasts at Dollism Plus.

Dollism Plus is Hong Kong’s premier exhibition exclusively for Dolls, where Doll's manufacturers and creators from local, mainland, and oversea come together with doll enthusiasts to celebrate the unique beauty and artistry of dolls. Attendees will have the opportunity to acquire exquisite doll products and exchange experiences with fellow enthusiasts at the event. 

This year's exhibition will continue to showcase renowned doll brands from around the globe, such as Obitsu, Azone, Lati, Loong Soul, Nine9style, Cocoriang, ADVillage, MujiaSasato, GemOfDoll, and many more. Exclusive products that are typically difficult to obtain online will be available for purchase. Furthermore, a variety of in-house creative units will exhibit and sell different types of exquisite handmade products. With over 150 participating brands and units, doll enthusiasts will have ample opportunities to acquire their favorite products. We extend a sincere invitation for you to join us at this annual doll party. The event will take place in the spacious Grand Ballroom on the second floor of the Sheraton Hotel in Tung Chung, Hong Kong, offering convenient transportation. Complimentary shuttle buses will be provided to transport attendees from outside Tung Chung MTR Station to the venue. We are excited to welcome you to HKDP on July 14th!

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