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September 20, 2020

Dollism Plus 15重要公告

因應疫情尚未平息,導致大部分地區的娃社無法來港參展,考慮到未能為大家帶來最佳的展會體驗,以及顧慮到展會可能為各位前來參與的人士帶來潛在健康風險,因此我們遺憾決定取消原定於2020年11月8日於香港九龍灣國際展貿中心舉行的Dollism Plus 15展覽。


祈望疫情在全球能盡快得到平息,Dollism Plus能夠於明年再次和大家相聚。

June 11, 2020

HKD15 攤位招募

Dollism Plus 15 攤位現已開始接受報名!!
Dollism Plus 15 Booth is now open for registration!

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✦ 活動介紹 ✦

What is DollismPlus?

Dollism Plus Hong Kong (HKDP) 是一個於香港舉行的玩偶年度盛事。第一屆於2006年麥花臣場館舉行,已有超過十年歷史。HKDP由著名玩偶服飾品牌DollHearts ( https://dollheart.net ) 主辦,每屆活動皆會邀請世界各地知名的玩偶品牌及本地的玩家參展。活動目的是讓娃娃愛好者能聚首一堂,互相分享養娃心得,同時推廣娃娃文化給大眾。

隨時間發展,Dollism Plus也曾於日本及美國舉辦。未來也希望於世界各地發展,致力於為全球娃娃愛好者帶來更優質更愉快的活動。


第15屆HKDP將於2020年11月8日 (星期日) 在九龍灣國際展貿中心舉行。我們期待與你相聚 !

Dollism Plus Hong Kong (HKDP) is an annual grant event for Doll in Hong Kong.The 1st anniversary of HKDP held on 2006 at Macpherson Stadium. HKDP is being organized by DollHeart (https://dollheart.net) , the famous clothing and accessory maker in Doll world. World renowned Doll makers and local players are invited to exhibit. The main goal of our event is to create the chance for Doll lovers to come together and share their experience and at the same time, promote the Doll culture to public. 


Over time, Dollism Plus has also been held in Japan and the United States. In the future, I hope to develop in all parts of the world and commit to bringing better and more pleasant activities for doll lovers around the world.

The 15th anniversary of HKDP will be held on Novermber 8, 2020 at Kowloon International Trade and Exhibition Center. We look forward to meet all of you at this activity.

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