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Dollism Plus 16

香港歴史最悠久的娃圈界年度盛事 - Dollism Plus 香港娃展因新冠疫情停辦三年,終鐵定於2023 年 7月 23日再次和大家見面!闊別三年,想必世界各地的知名玩偶品牌商也急不及待和大家再次面對面接觸!Dollism Plus 香港娃展除了多年來獲得世界各地知名的玩偶品牌商鼎力支持外,更致力提供參展機會給本地的玩家及設計師參與,培育更多本地的設計師品牌,讓娃圈界百花齊放!除了闊別三年外,是次更有可能是最後一屆於九龍灣國際展貿中心舉辦的Dollism Plus,別具意義,大家萬勿錯過!

Hong Kong's most famous doll convention - Dollism Plus Hong Kong (HKDP) has been suspended for three years due to the pandemic. Finally, we will meet you again on July 23, 2023! After three years of absence, the renowned doll brands from all-over the world presumably cannot wait to meet with the doll lovers in Hong Kong! Except the great participation of the well-known doll brands from all over the world, Dollism Plus is also committed to providing opportunities for creative local artists and players to participate in the convention throughout the years so as to foster the development of local doll brands in Hong Kong. Additionally, it means a lot this year as this is most likely to be the last Dollism Plus held at the Kowloon Bay International Exhibition and Trade Center due to redevelopment of the venue. Everyone don't miss it!

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