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Dollism Plus HK13


【Dollism Plus HK 13 Doll Photography Contest】

今年Dollism Plus HK新設夏日場進一步為把香港娃圈和娃文化發揚光大。

在DollHeart 16週年的日子加上夏日場的大喜日子, 我們舉辦首次

【Dollism Plus HK13娃娃攝影比賽】

This year, Dollism Plus HK launched a new Summer Section to expand the doll lovers number and culture. For the celebration of the new section launched with DollHeart’s 16th anniversary, we held our 

Dollism Plus HK13 Photography Contest.

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比賽內容 Contest Content

  •  作品必須穿上DollHeart的娃衣,接受任何娃娃種類

  • 照片規格: JPG或PNG格式, 300 dpi, 檔案大小須為10MB或以下

  • 沒有任何浮水印及簽名檔

  • Doll’s Photo work must wear Doll Heart doll outfit without doll types limitation.

  • The format of a photo. JPG or PNG format, 300 dpi, file size must be less than 10MB

  • Watermarks and signatures are unacceptable

比賽細則 Contest Rules

  • 參賽者遞交的參賽作品必須為參賽者的個人原創作品及不會侵犯任何第三者的任何權利 (包括肖像權、知識產權、保密權或私隱權)。參賽者同意及承諾會接受及為所有該等由此而起的責任負責。

  • 參賽相片若含有過分渲染淫穢、煽動性、誹謗、色情,或其他不良或不適當的內容,比賽資格一律取消,恕不接受申訴。

  • The competitor's entry in the competition must be provided for the individual original compositions and shall not infringe upon any rights of any third party (including the right of the portrait, intellectual property, security right or privacy). The participants agreed and promised to take responsibility for all the responsibilities arising therefrom.

  • The picture submitted does not overly violate the intellectual property or other rights of any third parties. No lewd, rude, crude, or offensive photographs (as determined by the Organizer in its sole and absolute discretion) will be accepted. The Organizer reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to disqualify any entry.



*Dollheart reserve final decision, including qualification

**Dollheart will have the permanent using right. The submission of any entry shall be deemed as the granting of consent to the unconditional transfer to Dollheart for modification/using/copy/ publicly display/internet or other media for promotional purposes without obtaining prior consent from the participant.

報名方式 Application Methods

 1.  讚好和「公開」分享【Dollism Plus HK13 娃娃攝影比賽】的Facebook或微博帖子

(Facebook) 分享內容需包括:

@Dollismplus , @Dollheart.HK

#HKDP13 , #Dollheart ,  #Dollismplus ,  # bjdphotography ,  #DHcontest

(微博) 分享內容需包括:

@DollHeart_HK , #HKDP13# , #Dollheart# , #Dollismplus# ,  #bjd比赛# , #DH摄影比赛#

 2.  完成以上步驟, 請以”【Dollism Plus HK13 娃娃攝影比賽】(Facebook或微博用戶名)”為標題和提供以下資料,電郵到

a. 「公開」分享的螢幕截圖,

b. 「公開」分享的網址

c. 參賽相片一張 (File name: Facebook或微博用戶名_ 電話號碼)

d. 娃娃型號, 娃名與簡單作品介紹(80字內)



收取作品: 電郵報名截止時間為15/5/2019(星期三), 23: 59

 1. “Like” and “Share” 【Dollism Plus HK 13 Doll Photography Contest】 Facebook or Weibo Post

(Facebook) Share Content included:

@Dollismplus , @Dollheart.HK

#HKDP13 , #Dollheart ,#Dollismplus ,# bjdphotography ,#DHcontest

(Weibo) Share Content included:

@DollHeart_HK , #HKDP13# , #Dollheart# , #Dollismplus# ,#bjd比赛# , #DH摄影比赛#

 2. Finish the above step, send email to

Subject:  【Dollism Plus HK 13 Doll Photography Contest】(Facebook/Weibo account name) with the following items

  1. Share post’s screencap

  2. Share post’s website link/ URL

  3. Photo work (File name: Facebook/ Weibo account Name_phone number )

  4. Doll’s model, Name and simply work introduction (within 80 words)

**We will send out the received email after your application


Collecting Works: The deadline for Email  15/5/2019 (Wednesday), 23: 59

比賽流程 Contest Process

A) 收取作品

DollHeart 於Facebook和微博上發佈信息收取攝影比賽作品。

收取作品截止時間為15/5/2019(三), 23: 59

A) Collecting works

DollHeart publishes posts on Facebook and Weibo to collect the work of photo contests.

The deadline for collecting works is 15/5/2019(Wed), 23: 59

B) 比賽投票

DollHeart 於Facebook和微博上發佈投票帖子。

以Facebook和微博在比賽相片”讚好” 總數量選出得獎者


31/5/2019(五),12: 00

B) Photo Voting

DollHeart posted voting posts on Facebook and Weibo.

Win the most numbers of total LIKE (summation like of Facebook and Weibo)

Deadline for voting is 31/5/2019(Fri),12:00

C) 確認得獎者

我們將於3/6/2019 或之前, 以電郵個別通知是次比賽得獎者和有關領獎的資訊。

C) Confirm the winner

We will notify the winners and the Ceremony information by email on or before 3/6/2019.

D) Award ceremony

The award ceremony will be held on June 8th at the 13th HKDP Summer Section.

D) 領獎禮

領獎禮將於6月8日在第13屆HKDP Summer Section舉行

**If more than one entry receives the same maximum number of votes, the organizer will announce the award arrangement separately and reserve the final decision.

獎項 Award  (共 3 名,  3 in total)






Dollheart Shopping Gift Card






Dollheart Shopping Gift Card

3rd Place





Dollheart Shopping Gift Card